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Perth Bobcat Hire Service

At 3KD Contracting, we understand to meet your specified requirements for any type of project you have, is not only a matter of providing equipment at the best cost, but also ensuring it’s suitable and reliable. A crucial factor is that the best equipment must be supported by the most efficient and effective service, including an experienced and qualified operator.

Clients who hire bobcats are comprised of various industries, with small and large applications, including:

We have equipment available for service for almost any type of project that involves moving earth or various other materials. These can include preparation for the installation of soak-wells, road construction and digging trenches for pipes of electric cable.

To meet your particular requirements, the versatile fleet of bobcat hire in Perth, is added to with:

Equipment reliability is a primary aspect of our established reputation. Therefore, our qualified technicians ensure it is in full operational condition, and tested, before delivery to our customers. Our experienced service support team at our workshop properly maintain all of our machinery.

To meet the ever-changing demands of our customers, we are continually upgrading our equipment and taking advantage of new models. This benefits you by having the best and most suitable equipment available, to meet your needs! With our wide range of equipment, we are able to meet your demands for any earthmoving service, whether industrial or residential. The advantage provided to you by our customer-friendly service, modern machinery and equipment, includes our capability to offer you a wide and varied range of specialized services. In addition to heavy-duty industrial operations, we can also assist you with preparing a driveway, backyard clearing, or any other related application.

It could be that you are seeking an established and reliable provider of earthmoving and excavation equipment! Whether it’s needed for an existing job or a proposed project, we can help you with the right equipment for a general residential or a major construction project. Our wide range of machinery and qualified, experienced personnel can be relied upon to efficiently and effectively meet your requirements.

Our highly maintained machinery and equipment, such as our bobcat, with a driver, is designed to meet legally determined operational requirements. In addition, we try to provide our customers with a cost effective service and accordingly our rates are designed to help you operate with minimum downtime and maximum cost savings. This same dedication to service is applied for any type of job; from residential landscaping, pathway and preparing a driveway, to mining and civil construction projects!

We pride ourselves on being among the most efficient, service-oriented and innovative providers of bobcat hire, and other earthmoving related earthmoving equipment. With our diverse range of products, you are assured of exceptional service and direct support.