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Perth Truck Hire Service

Our customer service is designed around meeting your particular needs regarding truck utilisation. We have the right solution for the many and varied transportation applications encountered every day and on every type of project.

The question of downtime and the resultant costs, financial and image-wise, have caused us to provide a service whereby a team of mechanics is available 24 hours. They are capable of ensuring repairs are carried out efficiently during the course of your entire project.

At 3 KD Contracting, we are aware of contractors’ needs working to tight time frames. Our vehicles are subjected to regular, preventative maintenance, stringently carried out in accordance with the servicing programs related to the type of vehicle. We arrange these maintenance periods on a regularly basis

Time is a crucial aspect of any contract and unforecasted issues may occur. In the unlikely event any necessary repair work on our equipment can be conducted on-site, or the equipment can be swapped out accordingly. Regardless if it relates to computerised diagnosis or changing tyres. Our service is safe, secure and carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.

To achieve your project objectives, we off the additional support:

As an alternative service, we also have the capacity to service and maintain your own vehicle fleet. This can include any light utilities to heavy-duty trucks, as well as the majority of on-site earthmoving equipment. With this advantage, you are in the position of making your operational project life, a lot easier and more productive.

To ensure the best possible vehicle maintenance program, our trucks are fitted with the following system advantages:

Our business has been developed to include dedicated customer service, with the objective of meeting your needs, efficiently and effectively. We are committed to ensuring both on and off-site safety regarding our vehicles

We appreciate that our success is dependent on that of our customers. Therefore, we have a highly experienced team of qualified experts in their particular fields including our front-line staff who are on-hand to answer any of your immediate questions. These may relate to standard fleet configurations and the size and type of truck you need for your project. Call one our office today to discuss your truck hire Perth options in detail.