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Earthmoving Service for Your Needs

3KD Contracting are specialists in supplying all types of equipment for earth moving hire in the Perth, WA region. We provide specialised machinery suitable for earth moving projects from digging electrical trenches to the delivery of massive sand loads or for using in landscape contouring and road construction.

Our fleet includes:

We can offer you a wide range of machinery suitable for the job in hand whether it is a simple one off project or ongoing work and need experienced operators.

We know how important it is for equipment to be reliable.  All of our machinery is kept well maintained, and furthermore we strive to provide the best equipment available in the market.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing a service that is excellent and professional. Our client list is extensive across the board, and ranges from builders, construction companies, electricians, plumbers, landscapers or swimming pool installers to shade sail suppliers and fencing contractors.

Additional areas we focus on

Equipment maintenance

All of our equipment is serviced on a regular basis to ensure quality control and a high level of safety.  This ensures that our clients meet their schedules on time without any disruptions due to machinery.

Our wide range of attachments includes forks, buckets, rake buckets, tooth buckets, gummy buckets, trencher, rock breakers and much more. Each and every one of our operators is ticketed for the type of machinery they use.

Meeting your Hiring Needs

When hiring equipment, it is important for need and cost to be considered important factors for keeping within an allocated budget. Accordingly, we offer our machinery for earth moving on an hourly or on a daily basis, with or without an operator. Commodity items such as gravel, sand, or limestone can also be supplied to you on request.

Our Professional Services

To us whether you are a one man operator or a large construction firm, it makes no difference. We treat all our clientele with the same consideration and importance and we are proud to do so.

Our professional and dedicated office personnel are both knowledgeable and capable of offering advice and assistance on any earth moving problems you may be experiencing.

Simply give us a call on (08) 9306 3500, and either come in to us at 5 Tulloch Court, Jandabup or visit us online at www.3kd.net.au